Thursday, November 21, 2019

Southern Company Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Southern Company - Research Paper Example On the other hand, there is a need for assessment for setting objectives, which are parallel to a timeline; for instance, they may either be short-term or long term. Furthermore, this assessment involves identifying a vision statement, mission statements, and corporate objectives. In this case, leaders in Southern Company’s effectiveness in performance management there is a need to focus on long terms perception regarding the future of the organization. There is a need to focus on the leaders’ management of performance based on their role of organization towards the society, extent to which tactical objective has been achieved, and strategic business objectives. Therefore, the extent to which these objectives has been achieved based on the situation analysis focuses on the suggested strategic plan in the organization in terms of details of these objectives (Bleak & Fulmer, 2009). Effectiveness of formulation of performance management strategy focuses on assessment of re source allocation and management; in fact, these resources include financial, personnel, time, and technological support resources. There is a need to identify the chain of command and the substitute structures such as cross functional groups. Leaders’ effectiveness in formulation performance management strategy focuses on the process of assignment of responsibility regarding certain tasks or processes to individuals or teams. On the other hand, this evaluation focuses on management of processes such as monitoring results, comparing benchmarks and appropriate practices. Furthermore, there is a need for evaluating processes that involve efficacy and efficiency of controlling variances and process of adjusting necessary processes in the organizations. This evaluation focuses on the extent of implementing certain programs, which involves the acquisition of requisite resources, development of other processes such as training, testing, documentation, and integration with legacy pr ocesses. This evaluation also focuses on the direct interconnection between leadership development strategy and corporate strategy, which offered a significant benefit to an organization and employees. Moreover, concept applied by leaders in the organization, in the process of leadership development; in fact, this evaluation focuses establishing philosophy of leaders in establishing the meaning of employees at all levels of the organization (Bleak & Fulmer, 2009). There is also effectiveness in leadership development in terms of corporate planning and formulating business strategy. In this case, this focuses on leadership development in to business strategy based on the metrics of establishing a network in the leadership to business. Therefore, effectiveness of formulating strategies for performance management in terms of designing ways of reinforcing corporate strategy, which can facilitate ensuring linkage and success. Five Point Criteria for Evaluating Effectiveness of Talent Man agement Strategy and Collection of Data The first criteria of evaluating the effectiveness of a talent management strategy in organizations focus on the process of determining the talent requirements, which are strategically significant to the organization (Silzer &

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